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The Delhi Guitar School is the India's leading and most imitated school of contemporary Guitar Playing. The school is not just a classroom experience - it's a total immersion in the world of Guitar. Learn a new riff or lick in the morning and use it on stage that same afternoon under the personal supervision of working professionals. Gain first-hand access to some of the greatest guitar players in India through frequent clinics and concerts. The True Teacher's utmost desire is to aid, guide, and do whatever it takes to bring the student to their place of happiness and fulfillment as a musician and guitarist. The student may not have a clear idea of what this place is, and certainly not where it is. The teacher may not know either, but he knows more than the student, and he must help the student feel their way if necessary. The True Teacher knows that if this person is destined to be a musician, (which is another way of saying if they really want it bad enough), then their place of happiness and fulfillment does exist, and can be found. And "The True Teacher" resolves to do whatever it takes to make that come about.


The Delhi Guitar School brings it's inventive philosophy of music education to an instrument that is both deeply traditional and constantly evolving. The program combines fundamental keyboard skills, performing experience and innovative technology as it prepares contemporary keyboard players for careers on the concert stage and in the recording studio. Be a party entertainers for kids and learn keyword today. Explore the range of contemporary keyboard styles including funk, R&B, blues, jazz, country, rock, fusion, Afro-Cuban and Brazilian under the direction of some of LA's best working professionals. Just as important, learn to handle contemporary keyboard technology through studies in sampling, drum programming, production, digital recording and arranging as well as how to set up and manage a live rig. The School is not a black-and-white piano school-it's a full-color keyboard experience.


It is truly a contemporary drum school, evolving its vision and focus to meet the changing needs of drummers and the workplace. As a DGS student, in addition to learning the skills of the traditional drum kit, you are exposed to the techniques and nuances of electronic drumming, digital recording, and MIDI sequencing, as well as creating and performing with loops both live and in the studio. The DGS style of learning gives you the real-world experience and confidence you need to meet the changing demands of the profession while also preserving your individual vision as a player.

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The UK's only dedicated rock and pop exams board- Rockschool exams are designed for all ages and levels of ability and are fully accredited by the QCA. We provide grade exams in Guitar, Drums, Bass, Vocals and Popular Piano, from Grades Debut to 8. The higher grades can even count towards UCAS points.

The international examination board-Trinity college is an awarding body recognized in United Kingdom by the qualifications and curriculum Authority in England, the Department for Education, Lifelong learning and skills in Wales and the Northern Ireland council for Curriculum, Examinations and Assesment.
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