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  Fee Structure Applicable from 01.12.2011)

Terms and Conditions
1 A fee of Rs.1500/- is required on registration.
2 The school reserves the right to alter the fees from time to time. Such alterations will be notified in writing in advance.
3 All fees are payable in advance by not later than the first day of the term. 'Term' means 'four classes' .
4 No remission of fees for the whole or any part of the term can be allowed by absence through illness, infection or any other cause.
5 In the event of a teacher not being able to teach on a particular day , we will provide an alternative teacher or offer a make up lesson. Where it is not possible for a student to attend a make up lesson , the value of this lesson will be credited to the student's Account.
6 Refunds for the lessons missed by the students are not given. This teaching method is most successful when students attend every lesson.
7 A Student may formally withdraw from lessons at any time by giving a notice of four Working weeks, i.e., the four lessons following our receipt of notice from you must be paid for.
8 We only accept responsibility for the safety of students once they are under the teacher´s supervision, within the classroom. Parents should escort children to the Lesson, and pick them up at the end of the lesson.
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